Slovakia Tax Overview

Slovakia has a very favourable tax system for investors looking to invest in the property market. All income, whether it be an individuals earnings or corporate profit is taxed at a flat rate of 19%. DPH Is Slovakia’s version of VAT, this is also charged at a rate of 19%. Unlike the UK this simplified tax system is easy to understand and makes the completion of any tax returns very simple.

The tax year in Slovakia runs from April to April.

There is an annual tax paid on property and land in Slovakia, it is similar to council tax in the UK. This tax must be paid annually, not monthly though it is inexpensive and varies depending on the type and the size of the property.

Tax is payable on the sale of your property at a rate of 19%, though you can escape this tax if you have owned your property for more than 5 years. You will also be exempt from this tax if you have residency in Slovakia and have had the property registered as your permanent address for more than 2 years.

Any renovation/building work you have carried out on your property can also be offset against any tax that may be due.

We can assist you with any tax dilemma’s you may have regarding issues to do with your property. If you are unsure and need assistance then please email us or give us a call.



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