Slovakia Property Management

Along with our other services we also offer a property management service, taking the stress and hassle out of managing any rental properties you may have in Slovakia. Allowing us to manage your property in Slovakia is an excellent way of making a return on your investment without the day-to-day dealings with tenants.

Tenants – We will advertise, interview, check and provide contracts for prospective tenants. Making sure only good, reliable tenants occupy your property. If problems with tenants do occur then we are here to deal with them swiftly and to make sure any problem is rectified with minimal disruption to the landlord.

Maintenance – We will make sure your property is serviced regularly and that any maintenance issues are dealt with swiftly by us without the landlord having to be involved. We will deal with any day to day maintenance problems like leaks, electrical issues etc that though have simple remedies can cause major problems if you are trying to manage your rental from overseas.

As with any service, we aim to tailor it to your specific requirements. We are flexible and offer a number of different services and opportunities to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for an investment, wish to lease a property you own or need some work carrying out on a property in Slovakia then we can help.

Our services are affordable and due to the cost of living in Slovakia, are much cheaper than similar services based in the UK. We feel that we are unique in the fact that our company is made up of both English and Slovak people based in Slovakia. We are here on the ground every day and are on call should you need us.


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