Slovakia Property Development / Renovation

Once you invest in a property in Slovakia it is very likely that there are going to be a number of changes you may need to make to bring it up to standard for leasing. You may have purchased a property that you wish to develop to sell on at a later date or you may have purchased land that you wish to build on. Whether you need a staircase building, a new kitchen fitted, a bathroom installed or a fusebox replacing, these are all things that we can assist you with.
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English Tradesmen - We have an English builder and joiner based in Slovakia to assist you with all of your renovation needs. We have found it to be very beneficial for our English customers to have an English builder on hand to help work through a project. As there is no language barrier, we have found that the work required moves much more swiftly and the customer has peace of mind.

Project Management – As developers ourselves in Slovakia we can also assist you with project management. It can be very difficult to manage a development in a different country. This can be made much easier if you have an English developer on the ground that can deal with these day to day issues for you. Whether it be costing, scheduling, dealing with the different trades or locating materials, we can deal with all of these issues at a local level on your behalf.

Architects & Planning – Planning in Slovakia is often dealt with at a very local level and usually requires meetings with local mayors and officials as well as trips to the town hall. We can deal with these issues on your behalf and assist you through the whole planning procedure from architect’s drawings to structural engineering reports through to liasing with officials to secure planning permission on your project.

Building & Tradesmen – As with any project in any country it is essential to have good tradesmen on board to complete your project quickly efficiently and on budget. We will organise any work that needs to be carried out through our in-house staff and will manage any outside tradesmen, making sure they do the job to the standard required and that you are not over-charged for their services.

As with any service, we aim to tailor it to your specific requirements. We are flexible and offer a number of different services and opportunities to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for an investment, wish to lease a property you own or need some work carrying out on a property in Slovakia then we can help.

Our services are affordable and due to the cost of living in Slovakia, are much cheaper than similar services based in the UK. We feel that we are unique in the fact that our company is made up of both English and Slovak people based in Slovakia. We are here on the ground every day and are on call should you need us.

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