Slovakia Property Consultancy

Slovakia Property Services is not an estate or reality agent but acts as a third party, advising and assisting you with the location of properties, the sales procedure and the development and renovation of your project after the sales proceedure has been completed.

Buying a property in Slovakia is very different from buying in the UK. The market moves very quickly due to the current shortage in affordable housing. It is common for properties in Slovakia to be sold directly from individual to individual without the use of an agent. Estate agents are a relatively new edition to the property market in Slovakia and have only become prevelent due to the large demand for real estate in Slovakia. The new builds in Slovakia tend to be marketed through agencies whilst older properties are often sold directly via the small ads in local newspapers.

A surveyor’s report is also not essential, In fact having a surveyor carry out a report on an older property before the purchase is fairly uncommon and due to the time it takes to carry out the survey, the result is that the property is usually sold to somebody else in the meantime. If you do not have an ear to the ground then it is likely you are missing out on the real property opportunities here in Slovakia. Though the direct selling method is rare in the UK it is prevalent in Slovakia and it is this type of procedure that usually secures the best deals and prices when buying residential property in Slovakia.
To assist you through the purchasing procedure we can help you by carrying out a number of checks and services on your behalf. These services include the following.

Property Location – We can assist you in locating properties by short-listing prospects according to your specifications. We can liase with the different agents and organise viewings. We can also research and organise viewings for properties being sold on the private market. We understand that you do not live in Slovakia and when visiting to view properties, time is of the essence. We can maximise the use of your time here by short listing and pre-viewing properties on your behalf to make sure you are only viewing the most relevant properties whilst you are here.

Agent Checks – Due to the boom in property in Slovakia there has also been a huge increase in property/estate agents or sales agents. You have probably come across their websites whilst researching Slovakia. Though there are many reputable agents in Slovakia, there are also many ‘one man bands’ and ‘bedroom operations’. We will carry out background checks on your agents, making sure you are in good hands with reputable companies.

Property Checks – We will also carry out background checks on the ownership of the property you are interested in, verifying the seller of the property is the legal owner and there are no financial burdens or issues that may complicate the sale of the property at a later date.

Price Verification – It is our experience that many of the best deals are secured before or within days of them entering the market. You will often find that properties lingering on the market may be over priced, may be 'new builds' with a higher price tag, 'new builds' that are being pre-sold before construction has begun or they may have other issues with them. We can research into the property you are interested in and make sure the price you are being quoted is correct and in line with the true market value of the property and is not being over priced by the agent.

Chaperone – When arranging your visit to Slovakia to view the properties you are interested in. We can arrange for you to be collected from the airport or your hotel and accompany you to your viewings with an English property developer and a translator. We can offer you impartial third party advice when viewing the properties.

Translator – We will provide you with a translator when viewing your properties to assist you when dealing with agents. We will also provide translation of any legal documents you may require. Our translator has over 10 years experience of living and working in the UK and is fluent in English.

Building Inspection – We will also provide you with an English builder / property developer to accompany you on your property viewings. He will be able to advise you on any building and renovation work that may be required as well as advising you on costs of labour and materials on any work that may need to be carried out on your property.

As with any service, we aim to tailor it to your specific requirements. We are flexible and offer a number of different services and opportunities to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for an investment, wish to lease a property you own or need some work carrying out on a property in Slovakia then we can help.

Our services are affordable and due to the cost of living in Slovakia, are much cheaper than similar services based in the UK. We feel that we are unique in the fact that our company is made up of both English and Slovak people based in Slovakia. We are here on the ground every day and are on call should you need us.


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