Slovakia Renovation Projects

We not only provide information for potential buyers and investors in Slovakia, we are in Slovakia actively carrying out our own renovation and development projects. This is one of the reasons we feel we are more qualified to give you impartial third party advice to help you distinguish between the facts and the sales hype when speaking with agents. We not only offer consultancy services but also offer a number of building and renovation services here in Slovakia. We have English builders and tradesmen on hand to assist you with all types of building and renovation work.

Listed below are details on some of the recent renovation projects we have been undertaking.

2 bedroom flat in a concrete panel block/64sqm.

If you have ever travelled to Bratislava then you would have seen the concrete panel blocks that the majority of the population in Slovakia live in. Prices of these flats have doubled in some areas of Slovakia between 2007 and 2008 and are still rising. Investing in these properties at the right time has proved very lucrative for us. The key to renovating these types of property is keeping the cost to a minimum. The total budget for material costs on this 64 sqm flat was 3000. Here are pictures of a typical 2 bedroom flat that we renovated in 2007.

Studio apartment in concrete panel block/38sqm.

This is another of our panel block properties that we renovated, similar to the property above though this property was a studio flat. When renovating these types of flat it is essential to keep the costs down as the sale value is usually only 20,000 - 40,000 depending on the location. There are lots of design tricks we use to make a kitchen or bathroom look a lot more high-end. The kitchen below was made up of 80 worth of white melamine units from Ikea. We made it look a little more high-end by raising the units on feet and we made a solid timber work surface at our small joinery. We cut down the floor tiles and arranged them to look like a contemporary splash back. The whole kitchen including appliances came to just 490, infact we renovated the whole flat for under 1000 in material costs.



5 Bedroom house in Donovaly/280sqm.

We are currently renovating a large house in Donovaly, a very different project to the simple bathroom and kitchen fittings on the panel style flats. This particular house is fairly large and includes some structural work along with a loft conversion etc.



New Build - Mid sized house Nr Krahule Ski Slope

This is a project we are working on 100 metres away from the Krahule ski slope near Skalka. This project is currently moving through the planning stages.



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