Slovakia Property Services is a company run by a team of British and Slovak people based in Slovakia. We offer a number of different services including property consultancy, management and property development / renovation work in Slovakia.

As the property market cools in the UK, you may find yourself looking further a field for property investments and developments. Slovakia is a great place to invest in property but it's not without its pitfalls and problems. As we have been actively investing and developing ourselves in Slovakia for a number of years, these are pitfalls we are only too aware of and are pitfalls we can help you avoid. As you browse the internet looking for potential investment properties in Slovakia you will come across many agents pushing lots of different properties. As with most sales agents, when it comes down to it they are only really interested in sealing the deal and completing the sale. We offer third party impartial advice to make sure the investment you are entering into is really the best deal that works for you. We also offer different after sales services including project management and building work along with property management to help you with your investment property after the initial sale has been completed.

Property investment in Slovakia is different from the UK. Investing in property here can not only be a good way of making money, it can also be a great way of losing a lot of money if you are not careful, take poor advice and don’t invest wisely.

We formed our company in a bid to assist people in buying, managing, developing and renovating their property in Slovakia safely, wisely and with peace of mind. We have found that having English people available on the ground in Slovakia to assist people with their investments is one of our strongest assests. It can be very daunting doing business in a country where English is not the first language. The language barrier can lead to mis interpretations and can be very frustrating if you are trying to find out information, locate materials and tradesmen. Having an English person on the ground to take care of any issues is something we are sure you can take advantage of when property developing in Slovakia.

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